#Stangrad, Dean’s Medal of Excellence, and ASI Diversity Awareness Award!

Sometimes it’s nice to be recognized.

Last week was jam-packed for me, full of awards and ceremonies. It started with my #Stangrad profile being posted in all its glory and splendor. I was extremely honored to be profiled as one of the graduating seniors this year.

Here’s my flattering picture that went along with my profile. Click the pic to check it out yourself!


Also, last Monday I received the Dean’s Medal of Excellence for my major. Every year, the top student for each major is chosen to receive this honor. Frankly, I was so surprised that I was nominated, let alone that I was the one the department chose to receive the medal. It definitely was one of the best highlights of my undergraduate career.

And finally I was awarded the ASI Diversity Awareness Award at the Student Leadership & Development Awards Ceremony. I was up for two awards, and took one home with me. I’m glad all my work was recognized this year.11260522_10202937622041224_8694565742524368029_n


Definitely a memorable year for me! Thanks everyone for everything!

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