Sick & tired



I absolutely hate being sick! But I don’t think anyone really enjoys being sick, so you can probably relate.

But what I do love is resources, and CSU Stanislaus definitely has plenty for all students!

This past weekend I tried to push through my illness. I often don’t like to ask for help, and I do what I can with traditional methods (hot tea and sleep really does cure like…almost anything). I don’t like over-medicating, and I’ll do what I can to avoid medicine and doctors.

HEY. I know you’re probably judging me as one of those “hippy-thinking-large-pharma-medicine-healthcare-companies-want-us-all-medicated” types, but I’m really not (not a lot anyway…).

I’m just independent and a free spirit. (That didn’t help my “I’m not a hippy” argument, but just go with it)

But without further ado,  here’s the age old tale of man vs germs…

It attacked Friday morning. I felt a little…off. I buckled down and drew out my battle plan. It was time. I started with my usual routine. I started to drink more water. I had some hot tea with a touch of honey before bed. I tried to get a little more sleep. By Saturday morning, I felt a tad better. Push through it, I thought. You’re winning haha YOU’RE WINNING (the touch of madness should have been a clear sign I was not winning…). I thought I had this in the bag. A clear victory for me. I really thought I was doing pretty well, but then Sunday hit. It attacked back in full force.

And I was sick. Bad. Really sick. Fever. Chills. Cough. Sneezing with so much force it was literally making my back and neck sore. And with Sunday night quickly turning into Monday morning and with me still sick, I was not having it. Especially with a test worth 30% of my grade on Tuesday, the very next day. I couldn’t miss it. This wasn’t working. I needed help!


So, early Monday morning (8:30am is early for me!) I called the Health Center on campus and booked an appointment for that same day! As I arrived, the check in process was quick and easy, and I was seen by a doctor in less than 10 minutes. With a quick inspection of my throat, ears, and nose, I was prescribed some medicine.

And the most amazing thing I can honestly say about the Health Center is the price. Our school pharmacy is cheaper (and better!) than over the counter medicine, or even most other pharmacies (Trust me, I checked). All in all, with the appointment and prescription, my bill came out to a bank-breaking $10.


That’s really like….nothing. Especially for your own personal health and sanity (yes, being sick makes me crazy and grumpy). Health and wellness really is priceless, but I think $10 is pretty good if I had to put a price on it.

The Health Center is an excellent (and often) overlooked resource on campus. If allergies are getting to you, if you’re not feeling too hot, or if you just need a check up or a physical; then The Health Center is definitely the answer!

I’ll be sure to use it more often.


This past weekend was a very exciting one! The Upsilon-Tau chapter (that’s the chapter here at CSU Stanislaus, of course) of Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity just finished recruitment week, and we had our Spring 2014 Induction on Sunday night!

In total, we recruited and formally inducted six new guys and really couldn’t be happier! Induction, like all ceremonies and rituals we do in TKE, is an exceptional time for everyone involved, and helps rekindle and reignite the fire and passion for the fraternity that so many men have committed to, not just here at our local fraternal chapter, but also all over the nation. More than anything, it reminds me personally how far I’ve grown in my chapter as a member and an executive officer, as a student at a state university, and most importantly all the maturing and life-learning I’ve done as a person. The changes I’ve made over the years have been positive and enriching (and even when they haven’t, of course they’ve been learning experiences), and I’m actually quite proud of all that I’ve accomplished and learned along the way. A lot of that growth can be contributed to my fraternity and the life lessons that come with a fraternal commitment, and having a strong brotherhood that is always ready to help you and keep you grounded in what’s important: love, charity, and esteem.

Induction is always a time to remember new commitments, reestablish old ones, and be a guide, mentor, teacher and friend to those that are just beginning this new journey and chapter in their life. Induction is also the start of the new pledges’ eight week education process, where they learn all they need to about what TKE is on a national and local level, and essentially prove how they can be a positive and essential member to the fraternity before they can officially be called a brother.

The Upsilon-Tau chapter with the new pledges!

The Upsilon-Tau chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon with the six new pledges!

Big Brothers are to be chosen in a few weeks, which is always a fun and interesting time, and I’m sure this one won’t disappoint. Basically, a Big Brother is a member of the fraternity chosen to guide and mentor one specific candidate or pledge through their process, and kind of be the backbone and go-to-person if they have any questions, concerns, questions, or anything else really!

I’ve had three littles so far, and I think I’ve been a successful big. Maybe I’ll get another little, but we’ll have to wait and see! I’m still on the fence about it, as being a Big Brother requires a lot of time and commitment in these short eight weeks, but if it is meant to be then I’ll get one and impart all my knowledge and experience that I can to make sure he has a fun, successful, and unforgettable experience. Pledging, after all, only happens once! Make the most of it!

Obligatory Rush Week Blog

For those that are in a fraternity or sorority, this is one of the busiest and most crucial times for your organization. Recruitment = events, socials, icebreakers, mixers, and making all the connections you can. On top of all that, you have to get everyone pumped up and excited without burning them out or getting too stressed (yourself included!).

For those that are not in a Greek organization, rush week…well, it can feel invasive. Sometimes aggressive. Interfering with your schedule and routine (We really do mean well, promise. No harm intended). Walking in the quad by all the tables and booths can feel like everyone wants you to go to everything they’re hosting, every event they’ve planned, and everyone wants you to experience all they have to offer as an organization. They’re the best, after all.

But don’t fret! I swear it’s definitely not as bad as some people make it out to be. It can actually be really fun if you want it to be. By no means am I forcing you to attend or go to any events (yes I am), but you should really give it a shot. Who knows, there’s often free food and fun to be had. And at most, you can make life long relationships. That’s not too bad of a gamble, if I do say so myself.

Of course, I have to blog about everything going on in my life (it’s my job after all o.o) and wouldn’t you know, it’s Rush Week for my fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon (seewhatIdidthere?). #Shameless plug (seriously, I have no shame; I was Recruitment Chairman, I lived and breathed recruitment for a year).

On a more serious note, here is a list of all our next events for this week. We’ve put a lot of hard work and effort into these events (as I’m sure every org has), but you need to check them out! They’re gonna be fun. I guarantee it. 🙂



You can catch me at a few events that I’m able to pencil in, and I’m always ready to tell you about everything I’m doing in and out of my fraternity (seriously, I love to talk), and I’ll help you fall in love with TKE , just like I did three and a half years ago. You can’t go wrong with going to just one event. You won’t regret it!

 If you’re in a sorority or fraternity, what is your favorite thing about Rush Week?

If not, have you ever been to a rush event? How was it? If not, why haven’t you given it a shot?!



But seriously…I love the rain, and we actually got a good amount yesterday and today.

California (especially the Central Valley) is kind of going through this severe drought and it hasn’t been a very replenishing winter, so the clouds and their raindrops are very much needed. The rain to me is just so refreshing, and it definitely is the best weather for photography, especially of the beautiful CSU Stanislaus. It’s practically a park (lets be honest), so of course there are selfies and tree pics galore that flood my Facebook and Twitter, but the pictures have a certain appeal and are justifiable so I don’t get too annoyed. It’s understandable.

The reflection of the lights, the glimmer of the droplets, the splashing and fine mist creating a slight blur to the photos adds some of the best artistic filters (and all natural too! Take that Instagram!) Here are some pictures I took on my way back to work from lunch. Not too bad, if I do say so myself. 🙂


Facing the refection pond!


The front of MSR, facing the bookstore.


What is your favorite weather? (PLEASE DON’T SAY ANYTHING SUMMER-RELATED! ACK! Or you can just be honest and state your opinion…) What are your favorite things to take pictures of? Do you enjoy the infinite amount of campus photos, or do they just bog down your social media stream?

Let me know!

Homecoming is here!

Homecoming is an exciting time for any campus, but especially for CSU Stanislaus!

It’s a time for any and all organizations on campus (not just Greek orgs!) to get together, raise money for a good cause, and have fun all along the way! This year our candidate for Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) is Greg; a brand-spankin’ new member initiated in the Fall of 2013. He is doing an amazing job, and while it is stressful and time consuimg, he is doing all he can to make sure we take the crown home on Friday during the basketball game!

But before we can claim this victory as our own, we have to eat pizza (it’s a fundraiser where 20% of all purchases go back to the Homecoming philanthropy, this year being Make-A-Wish Foundation), win the music video competition, have the best skit in the quad, and many more events this week. It’s fully packed to the brim!

Here is a list of all the events, in case you’re interested in everything Homecoming has to offer:


More than anything, Homecoming is about healthy competition. It promotes and fosters positive school spirit and ignites the flame for school pride, all while raising money for an awesome philanthropy!

If your club or org missed the deadline for the Homecoming application, there is definitely always next year. But what your club or org can still do is come out and cheer on the other teams and see all the hard work they’ve put into everything.

Good luck Greg! The crown is yours!

And to everyone else, may the odds be ever in your favor!